Software That Fits

Tapping into the power of distributed automation, we bring user-centric software applications to life in an ultra-productive environment.

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We build software solutions that fit your business.

We specialise in the industrial construction of software solutions to your exact requirements. 

All of what you need. And nothing that you don't. Our staff are global leaders in the art of emergent coding, blockchains, cryptography and Bitcoin Cash.


Our development process begins with close consultation to gather your requirements and form a framework around your software application. Our staff have over 20 years of experience working with software end-users and integrating new requirements with existing systems.


Integration with other systems and your staff is guaranteed when combined with our business process mapping service. Our agile development process ensures our efforts are efficiently aligned with requirements.


Our client collaboration tools ensure you know you’re getting value for money and that we are delivering on our promise. Check our progress in real-time. Review and comment on documentation. And test the latest version of your software on-demand.

Emergent Coding

Emergent coding applies the process of industrialisation to software development. Each block of object code that forms your application is crafted by specialists. Software developers who have accrued a vast depth of knowledge to deliver optimum performance, security and most importantly, function.

Born At The Nexus of Automation

Created to fullfil the need of fit-for-purpose software design backed by the freedoms of the global currency, Bitcoin Cash. We believe in delivering software that gives end-users the freedom to be productive.

Located in the tropical city of Townsville, Aptissio enjoys the benefits of a well-connected regional city and a highly desirable climate.

Having witnessed first-hand over 20 years, the delivery of ill-fitting, over-priced and poorly delivered software, Aptissio’s founding director and CEO, Dr Paul Chandler, takes software delivery seriously. By harnessing the full capabilities of emergent coding, he intends to rival much bigger competitors in delivering consistent high quality, affordable software that exceeds user expectations by meeting requirements perfectly.

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Looking For Freaking Awesome People

Aptissio is hiring! Get on-board with the latest software development tools and be a part of the global design revolution. We are looking for talented developers who have a passion for design in the areas of cryptography, distributed databases and incredible web apps.

As a member of our small team, you’ll be empowered to make your mark on a young company and our new products. The skills you bring to the business will be pivotal in the development of Bitcoin Cash enabled applications and other cryptographic software.

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Creating software that will work for you.

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